Update from our Slovakia wolf & lynx expedition (www.biosphere-expeditions.org/slovakia)

After the training days and a first survey with group 3 to exercise the newly acquired skills, today we split into four groups. Led by Daniel, Tom and Anne followed one lynx track spotted yesterday during the training session. They went up and down the hills and found the remains of a carcass. Group 2 with Juliane and birthday girl Christine detected two fresh tracks on the transect in the western part of the valley close to the location where were also lucky last week. We also collected a urine sample for DNA analysis. Tomas went out with Mat and Erica tracking another lynx spotted yesterday. They discovered an incredible four (!) different footprints and climbed up to the camera traps to exchange the SD cards. No luck so far, at least with lynx, but with wild boar (see below).

Unfortunately they weren’t able to following the tracks, too steep and faint and “roaming around as if stung by an adder”, as Tomas says. Crazy cats! Joanne (yesterday’s birthday girl) and Peter did well climbing with Milos to the western ridge to collect two SD cards and checking out the area, as we haven’t been there for two weeks now. They’ve spotted four wild boars, as well as lots of roe and red deer.

So for the last remaining few days there will be many climbs and downhill experiences in the deep snow as the forecast says there will be new snowfall between 30 and 50 centimetres. But it’s warmer now, only minus 10! But we’ve had enough birthday cakes now to burn the calories again 😉

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