Update from our Slovakia wolf & lynx expedition (www.biosphere-expeditions.org/slovakia)

This week passed by so fast and just now we dropped team 2 at Kralovany train station. We covered more than 120 kilometres surveying forestry roads and ridges. The most exciting find was a lynx resting place under rocks, which Tomas, Martin und Astrid discovered high up on a ridge. Following the tracks, they identified two animals – a mother and a subadult – roaming around together as well as one single animal, probably a male. We’ve set up two camera traps there; the waiting game begins…

Milos found tracks of a wolf pack, four or five animals, in the same area, so we’ll focus further surveys there.

Following the tracks of last week’s group we saw tracks of many animals using those tracks, saving energy by not walking through deep snow. Fox is everywhere as well as pine marten and, of course, red deer, roe deer and wild boar.

After some snowfall on Monday we were hoping to finding fresh tracks and indeed found three of lynx on different spots on one route. Unfortunately there was more snow during the following night covering the footprints, so we couln’t investigate furrther.

In summary, group 2 found seven tracks of lynx, five of wolf, three of bear, two new carcasses and changed the location of four camera traps. We’ve had tough ascents to the ridges, funny descents in deep snow and stunning views to the mountains around us covered with snow.

Now we’re waiting for slot 3 arriving tomorrow to find us some lynx to collar or at a picture of. Elusive buggers 😉 While we wait, I’ve uploaded the “expedition life” video below.

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