Update from our Slovakia wolf & lynx expedition (www.biosphere-expeditions.org/slovakia)

We’ve covered a lot of ground over the last couple of days. As there is new snow cover, everybody was keen to find fresh tracks. Obviously it’s not that easy to define tracks in the soft and deep snow. We had to learn that smart wild animals save their energy and do not roam around very much in those kinds of conditions. But we’ve had a good laugh or two seeing a team-mate getting stuck in the deep white stuff!

Yesterday Astrid, Martin and Tomas found two lynx paw prints, apparently an adult and a young animal. Following the tracks they then detected a resting place underneath a rocky overhang. The perfect spot for one of our camera traps.

After a couple of days with freezing wind and deep snow, it will be easier tomorrow as the temperatures are forecast to go up and everybody is now used to the terrain. All groups have spotted single or groups of roe deer, as well as red deer. Linda, Martyn and I found fresh bear tracks and possible den site.

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