Update from our Malaysia coral reef expedition (www.biosphere-expeditions.org/malaysia)

My name is Paul o’Dowd and I will be your expedition leader for the inaugural Malaysia Reef Check expedition. I am preparing for the expedition here in Queensland, Australia, quickly pairing down my kit and arriving at what looks like the right stuff to hit the ground with in Malaysia. I’ll be joining Kathy Gill (Biosphere Expeditions’ strategy director who will be with us for the first group) and Katie Yewdall (our scientist on Tioman) on that island on Wednesday and once we’re all on deck we’ll be getting things ready for your arrival and the coming weeks of marine research.

I’ll be writing again once we’ve all met on Tioman (watch the video below of Kathy starting her travels from the other side of the planet to meet near the equator in Malaysia) with details of our preparations.

Anyway, thanks in advance for choosing to leave a positive mark on the world with your travel.

Safe travels and see you soon.

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