Azores: bad weather week

Unfortunately, I have not been out. There was one small window during the week, but the yacht captain couldn’t go out. The weather has not been co-operative either. It always looks like there will be a day or two of good weather and then the window shuts. I was hoping to go tomorrow, but the forecast has increased wind now, so unlikely. It is driving me mad!

The good news is that two additional, smaller motor boats should be ready to go next week, so there will be more options for me. But the boats are not very large, so there will need to be pretty good weather to use them.

The small directional hydrophone is  ready to go, so if the lookout spots sperm whales, they will not “escape” again!

Another bit of good news is that my official research permit has come through! It is valid until the end of October, so if nothing re-opens here, at least I should be able to get on the water to collect data with the help Biosphere Expeditions have provided (thank you again).

I will keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a little video:

Coronavirus appeal update

Our coronavirus appeal for our local conservation partners & staff stands at 38% (EUR 23,296) raised. An overview of where each partner stands is below. Thank you for your generosity so far. Please keep on giving!


  • GERMANY (wolf) – total ask EUR 4,500 / total raised EUR 3,549 (78.9%)


  • THAILAND (elephant) – total ask EUR 5,500 / total raised EUR 205 (3.7%)
  • ARABIA (sand gazelle) – total ask EUR 5,000 / total raised EUR 250 (5.0%)
  • COSTA RICA (sea turtles) – total ask EUR 6,500 / total raised EUR 495 (7.6%)
  • MALAWI (elephant and African biodiversity) – total ask EUR 9,000 / total raised EUR 862 (9.5%)
  • ARMENIA (Persian leopard, lynx, bear, wolf) – total ask EUR 4,500 / total raised EUR 740 (16.4%)
  • MALDIVES (coral reefs) – total ask EUR 3,000 / total raised EUR 995 (33.2%)
  • KENYA (Big Five and African biodiversity) – total ask EUR 9,000 / total raised EUR 3,200 (35.6%)


  • AZORES (whales & dolphins) – total ask EUR 2,000 / total raised EUR 2,000
  • TIEN SHAN (snow leopard) – total ask EUR 3,500 / total raised EUR 3,500
  • BIOSPHERE EXPEDITIONS operational costs – total ask EUR 7,500 / total raised EUR 7,500

Bail out the planet

We have the opportunity to reshape our economies to support life on Earth. Governments should take it.

Do Not Resuscitate. This tag should be attached to the oil, airline and car companies. Governments should provide financial support to their workers while refashioning the economy to provide new jobs in different sectors. They should prop up only those sectors that will help secure the survival of humanity and the rest of the living world. They should either buy up the dirty industries and turn them towards clean technologies, or do what they often call for but never really want: let the market decide. In other words, allow these companies to fail.